Osamequin Farm

Resident Farmers

Resident Farmers

The Osamequin Cooperative Farming Project, est 2018

Some farmers are lucky enough to be born into an agricultural family, or to have land available through inheritance or other family situations. Many farmers, however, are first generation, or second career, and have to find land to farm on their own. Open land is scarce in our region, and land prices and taxes often make the options that are available financially impossible. Young and beginning farmers are left to leasing land, which comes with its own catalogue of challenges!

Our goal at Osamequin Farm is to chip away at these barriers, offering long term affordable leases on farmland with the option to utilize shared infrastructure and marketing structures. Farming is hard enough - we believe that any way farmers can work together to achieve their goals is worth a try!

We intend to have a fully stocked farm stand full of products grown and raised by the various farmers at Osamequin, and we hope you’ll join us in supporting these small businesses so they can thrive in Seekonk. You’ll also have a chance to meet and work with the Resident Farmers through educational events and gatherings. Be sure to sign up for our email Newsletter so you’ll never miss a thing!

Full profiles of each Resident Farmer coming soon!